How to write a great short description for your adult game

How to write a great short description for your adult game

Hey Gamedevs,

The short description is a text with up to 300 characters that answers these questions:

  • What is the game genre? (Adult Visual Novel, Adult RPG, sandbox...)
  • Does the game include choices? (choice-driven, kinect...)
  • What is the setting? (college, fantasy, sci-fi...)
  • What would be the genre if it were a movie? (drama, comedy, mystery, thriller, romance)
  • What is the sexual orientation? (boy chases girl, boy chases boy, girl chases girl)
  • Who is the Main Character? Is he young or old? (a freshman, or a divorced man)
  • Is the game Harem, or will I have only one sexual partner?
  • Is the game focused on the feelings or on the sex?


  • Be specific, include tangible words.
  • Use verbs that represent what the play is going to do (romance, date, meet, choose).
  • The words should paint an image in the player's mind.

Test with your community

Write 20 phrases and let your community vote on the ones that resonate with them.

Combine the phrases

Once you know your top phrases, it's time to write the short description.

Phrase 1 should describe clearly the game's genre.

Phrases 2-3 should have a lot of verbs.

The last phrase should end in excitement. Probably with a spicy word like sex or harem.

Collect feedback from your community

Make a few alternatives, learn from their feedback and improve the text.

Put the short description on our page editor when you are happy with the results.