Get on the homepage by learning the algorithms

Get on the homepage by learning the algorithms

Hey GameDevs,

Today, we updated the algorithms on the homepage.

The Rules

You can learn how the rules work to optimize your chances of being discovered

Downloads, Subscriptions, and Dollars of the last 48 hours

We track the number of:

  • Downloads
  • New patrons
  • Dollars earned

For each game in the last 48 hours.

Individualized per Country

We track the downloads, subscriptions and dollars per country. And we have around 100 countries on our database. If your game is more popular in certain countries, it's more likely to rank higher.

Things that help popularity per country:

  • Translations
  • Regionalized Prices
  • Graphics and theme appeal to the players from that country

Sum metrics per franchise, not per game

If you have multiple episodes of the same franchise, we combined all the downloads, new patrons and new dollars into your franchise.


  • Episode 1: 50 downloads
  • Episode 2: 50 downloads

Franchise total: 100 downloads (we use this)

The latest game of the franchise only

After we sum the metrics, we show the most recent game release of the franchise. We do this because the latest game is usually the most exciting. Each franchise can only have one featured title at a time. For example, if you release two episodes at the same time, all the attention will go to the most recent episode. 

Even if your game qualifies for multiple top lists, it's going to show up only on the list closest to the top of the page.

Updates once per day

We update the top lists once every 24 hours.

The Algorithms

New & Trending: The latest game released was published up to 45 days ago, ordered by number of new subscriptions (doesn't matter if they cost $1 or $25)

Top Sellers: Franchises that earned the most dollars in the last 48 hours. Price is critical here.

Most Played: Paid games from franchises that got the highest number of downloaders.

Top Rated: Paid games with the highest rating based on this algorithm.

Top Free Games: Free games from franchises that got the highest number of downloaders.

Top Videos: Paid videos (not franchises), that sold most units.

Latest Updates: Game releases that did not qualify for the previous lists, ordered by publish date.

4 Quick tips to Increase your Chances

You can increase your chances by bringing external players into OppaiMan

1. Reviews

You can ask your patrons to review your game, so you can higher on the Top-Rated List

Add /review to the end of your game URL (e.g. and players will be able to review if:

  • They have an active Patreon subscription to own the game release
  • Or the game is free

2. Download from

You can also ask your Patrons to download the game from OppaiMan (instead of MEGA and Google Drive), so you can rank higher on the Most Played List.

You can put links to your OppaiMan page on your Patreon Blog, Itch Email, or inside the game to get more sales and become New & Trending or Top Sellers

4. Promote

And finally, you can promote any game on our platform using your promo link, and we'll feature your game on the top of the page.

You can replace all the promotional links you already use with links. In addition to being featured on the homepage, you'll also have access to a performance dashboard for your links. 

Get your game featured on OppaiMan homepage
Hey GameDevs, You can get your game featured on the top row of the homepage if you promote any game (including yours) using your promo link. For each 1 USD that players buy from your promo link, your game gains 100 impressions on the Featured section of the homepage. What