Get your game featured on OppaiMan homepage

Get your game featured on OppaiMan homepage

Hey GameDevs,

You can get your game featured on the top row of the homepage if you promote any game (including yours) using your promo link.

For each 1 USD that players buy from your promo link, your game gains 100 impressions on the Featured section of the homepage.
Here, your game will be seen by 3,000 players per day.

What is an impression?

An impression is when a user sees the capsule art of a game. If they like the capsule art, they will click it and see your game page. If they like the game page, they'll become your patron.

How does it work?

  1. Logged in as a developer, visit any game page on and click on the button “Copy my promo link”.
  2. Create a new Patreon Post promoting that game and include your promo link.
  3. Our Dashboard reports Visits, Sign Ups, Downloads and Subscriptions from your promo link.
  4. While your promo link keeps generating revenue, your game will be on the Featured Section getting impressions.
You can share your promo link wherever you like, but Patreon was where we got the best result.

Here's how to make a post that sells a lot

I recommend that you mimic my style of promotion because I'm refining it over time.

The post has plenty of Sexual Content and Gifs and is targeted to "All Members" (because NSFW content is not allowed on a "Public Post").

Public posts = People logged off -> Agaisnt Patreon policy
All Members (Paid Members + Free Members) = People need to log in, and then click join to see -> Allowed by Patreon policy

Main image

Take one of the sexy screenshots (size 1920x1080)


[Game name] is now available

First Line

See Store Page and Trailer: [Your Promo Link]

Hint: you can shorten your promo link with or bitly

Second line

A sex GIF, or a sex image.

Third line onwards

  • Copy and paste the "About this game" section from the game.
  • Link the images with the Promo Link.

Last line

See Store Page and Trailer: [Your Promo Link]


  • Don't include links to your Discord, Twitter or Patreon at this point. Focus on sending people to your OppaiMan Page to optimize conversions. After they download your game, you can send them to Discord, Twitter, Patreon from within the game's main menu.
  • Include a lot of sexual content. It converts a lot more people into patrons than non-NSFW.

Add a link to your Game's OppaiMan Store page: