Get more patrons with a link on your tier description

Get more patrons with a link on your tier description

Hey GameDevs,

I just finished a test on my Patreon page with something you can try yourself.

In 3 days, the "Click Here to see the games and episodes available to you" generated 13 new subscriptions and $85.

How to try it yourself

When you mention a specific game or benefit, add a "Click Here" with the link to a page that gets the user closer to the benefit he is looking for.


"Click here to See [Game Name]"

"[Game Name] (Click Here to Play) "

How to track results

You can track clicks using or, but if your game is hosted on OppaiMan, you can also track downloads and new patrons using this tool:

Fill in the fields like this:

  • website URL: The page to your game
  • campaign source: your_patreon_url (e.g. if your Patreon URL is; you write StrandedWithBenefits)
  • campaing medium: It's the place your link is located (e.g. patreon_tier, patreon_welcome_notes, discord_announcement)
  • campaign name: Something to differentiate multiple links on the same place (e.g. The text of the link)

Copy the generated campaign URL and paste where people will click.

The results will show on the Affiliate Dashboard, so you can see how effective your links are.