Recover former patrons with Patreon Direct Messages

Recover former patrons with Patreon Direct Messages

Patreon has a message feature that most game developers ignore, and we tested and it worked.

We sent the following message and earned $498.

We also promoted Life in Santa County from our friend, and he earned $198.

Important: Let them know they can unsubscribe with a link like this:

When should you to use it

Whenever you have a major update, or want to promote a game from a friend, sending Patreon Direct Messages is a good way to reach more people, including Canceled Patrons.

Canceled Patrons are usually just waiting for your next update to subscribe again. And they are looking for games similar to yours.

Here’s how to send a message to multiple members

  1. Click on Audience from the left navigation, which will take you to your Relationship manager
  2. You can use the statuses and filters at the top of your manager to generate a list of members you’d like to direct message.
    Here are some examples of how you can use filters to communicate with large audiences strategically:
    • Direct message all active members in a tier: Leave the default Active status selected, then click Filters > select a specific Tier(s). You can message an entire tier to deliver benefits via messages!
    • Direct message declined members: Click on the Declined button to get a list of all declined members. You can adjust the filters to set a specific date range of declined members
  3. Click the Message button at the top
  4. Type your message in the text field and click the Send button when you’re happy with your message.
  5. If you have numerous former patrons, you'll have to wait several minutes on this screen until the message is sent.