How to sell your game on (Step-by-step)

How to sell your game on (Step-by-step)

Are you a Game Dev of adult games with more than 500 active Patrons?
Then you can now publish your game on and get more visibility.

How is the purchase flow on
Watch the video below and see how the purchase flow works. 0:00 /0:20 1× 1) A popup opens on the Patreon checkout for the corresponding tier. 2) Player completes the subscription payment. 3) The game is added to the player’s library, where they will own that specific version


We don't charge a commission today, but we plan to offer 100+ payment methods by the end of 2024. If you choose to accept 100+ payment methods on your games, we'll charge a 10% fee from each transaction.

There are no fees for Patreon payments at this moment.

Step 1

First of all you need to create your user account on
We currently use the Patreon login system, so just click on the link below and Sign-up using the Patreon account where the game you wanna sell is hosted.

It's very important that you log in to your Patreon account where your games are published, so we can synchronize information such as the price of your game.

Step 2

Then send a message to our Partners discord with the follow information:

  • Login e-mail
  • Username
  • Patreon Campaign of the game

Developers that are paid in USD with 500+ active patrons can go directly here:

Step 3

Once you have received confirmation that your access has been granted via Discord, you will need to log out and log in again.

This will provide you with access to the “Dev Area” button in my dropdown on your avatar.

When you first access the "Dev Area" you will need to click on “Become a Partner” to link in your Patreon Account.

This is the first step to start promoting your game on OppaiMan. Our only minimum requirement is that the Patreon profile has at least 500 patrons. By link your Patreon account, we only use public data like:
✓ Campaign ID
✓ Studio name and image
✓ Tiers and prices

Step 4

Now you are ready to publish your first game at, the process is very similar to marketplaces such as Steam and Itch.

Step 5

Game Registration - Now you will enter the details and files of your game

  1. Basic Info - Enter the name, franchise, episode and url for your game

Description - Enter the description details of your game.
Select the language in which you want to enter the description, and don't forget to click on the "Translate automatically" button once you've finished. This will translate your content into 14 languages automatically, thus increasing the visibility of your game.
You need to do this for all content sections.

  1. Graphic Assets - Now upload capsules and trailer of your game
  1. Release Date - Set the date and time when the game should be available for sale.
  1. Pricing - Set the prices

We highly recommend that you regionalize the values, this is very important to increase your conversion rate in countries outside the Dollar and Euro Zone.

  1. Now you just had to upload your game or set a link to download.

Thats all, you will be notified as soon as your game has been approved.
In the meantime, you can repeat the process and upload other games.
If you want to add another person to help you manage your account, just let us know via Discord after your game has been approved.