How is the purchase flow on

How is the purchase flow on

Watch the video below and see how the purchase flow works.


1) A popup opens on the Patreon checkout for the corresponding tier.

2) Player completes the subscription payment.

3) The game is added to the player's library, where they will own that specific version forever, even if they cancel the subscription.

4) Player downloads the game directly from OppaiMan CDN Server.

5) Player is now a paid member of your Patreon Campaign, and immediately receives an email about your latest Patreon blog posts.

Recommendation: Publish each new game release as a new game, so you can always check and reward users for having an active subscription.

Free Games: if the game is free, the player just needs to be signed in. They will not interact with your Patreon Campaign.

This is how we track new subscription generated from vs subscriptions generated from We use the Patreon API to check the player's current subscription status.

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Are you a Game Dev of adult games with more than 500 active Patrons? Then you can now publish your game on and get more visibility. Step 1 First of all you need to create your user account on We currently use the Patreon login system,