How to convert Itch io players into patrons

How to convert Itch io players into patrons

Hey GameDevs,

In our previous guide, we showed how you can become Top Seller on itch io.

How to launch games on and become Top seller is great for selling adult games and getting new Patreon subscribers. Success on consists of a win-win-win relationship with players and the platform. Win-Win-Win * The platform must make money: So keep Itch’s Revenue Share at 10% or more. Prioritize paid games, even if it’s

Now I'll show you how you can leverage your initial success and bring itch io players to your Patreon subscription.


If you need extra funding to pay your team, buy hardware and license software, you can ask your diehard fans for a monthly subscription to support your work. If you don't do this, they will never know how much you need the extra funding.

Motivation: Keep Itch io one version behind Patreon

If your game is on version 0.2 on Patreon, keep it on 0.1 on itch io. When you launch o.3 on Patreon, you can finally upgrade your itch io version to 0.2.

You'll use your latest version as the motivation to bring itch io users to Patreon. Only your most loyal fans will accept this offer, but it's enough to bring an extra $600 on monthly subscriptions and 100 subscribers each time you do.


There are 4 places:

  • Best: Itch io Email
  • Profile
  • External Links
  • Devlog

Important: Don't put the link on your product page, as it can decrease your ranking on Patreon. If you don't make sales on Itch io, the algorithm will sink your game's visibility.

Itch io Email

Not everyone knows it, but you can email everyone who bought your game on Itch io.

This is powerful and works like a charm.

Follow this Guide and create an mail letting people know about the latest version available only Patreon

How to create an Itch Email
Itch provides a tool on the platform where you can send personalized emails to your audience on Itch. This is great for you, so start a relationship with your players outside itch. In addition to sending news and updates, you can send them “hooks” where you can attract them to


Put links to your Patreon Version on your Profile.

You put it on the Website field, and in the text section.

Take a look at our page to see an example.


After someone buys your game, they usually see a link like on the download page.

You can configure these links when you edit the "Metadata" > "External links" page.

"Download [name of exclusive episode]", "Download Latest Episodes" and "Patreon" can generate good clicks


This is probably the most obvious, and the weakest option for me.

Simply make a Devlog post.

Keep the Harmony between itch io and Patreon

Itch io can bring fans to your games, but it can't monetize them on a monthly basis. Patreon doesn't generate fans, but it can monetize your most loyal fans and make sure you and your team earn a steady income.

Keep both platforms in balance, and don't be too greedy. Players have to buy the game on itch io to keep your game on ranking high on the algorithms.