How to create an Itch Email

How to create an Itch Email

Itch provides a tool on the platform where you can send personalized emails to your audience on Itch. This is great for you, so start a relationship with your players outside itch.

In addition to sending news and updates, you can send them "hooks" where you can attract them to your page.

Login on:
Find the game your email is about and click on edit: 
  1. Now click on interact
  1. Click on "Create new email draft":
  1. Uncheck "Include download link at the bottom of the email"
  1. Click on "Save & send preview to myself" and configure the post.
  1. Copy and paste the email title

  1. Do the same with the content of the e-mail
  2. Select Recipients as "All Buyers"

Any doubts? Leave it in the comments below and let us know if this strategy worked for you.