43% more patrons in just 3 days

43% more patrons in just 3 days

Oppaiman.com has started selecting new games from creative and talented developers to be part of our community and online store, and today we want to share with you one of our latest success histories with our newest partner, BoldBashStudios.

They are the brilliant minds behind the amazing "Live in Santa County" (We really recommend you play; it is a lot of fun.), and they made their debut on oppaiman.com on June 20th, and just 3 days later it had already taken off on Patreon's and hit the top sellers on our site with a 43% growth in subscribers.

Growth Results:

BoldBashStudios had been growing steadily over the three years its Patreon had been online, reaching 580 monthly subscribers to its project. But in just 3 days online at oppaiman.com, it has jumped to over 830 subscribers.

3 days result on oppaiman.com

+250 Patrons

+$2.000 New revenue

+43% Growth

How they achieved this result:

The cool thing is that this result doesn't surprise us; it's just one of the many success stories we're building together with Gamedevs. We just use our marketing tools and knowledge that we've developed over the last few years.

We've done a few simple, standard actions for every game that comes into our store:

  • Post on OppaiMan Patreon
  • E-mails for our community
  • A public post on our blog
  • Itch Mail
  • Patreon DMs

Patrons Growth before and after oppaiman.com

"This is only possible because oppaiman.com wasn't born yesterday; we've spent three years building our credibility and during those three years, we've cultivated a qualified, demanding community that knows how to recognize a well-made adult game."

6 Reasons to Sell Your Game on Oppaiman.com

1. Focus: We know how to sell adult games

We sell exclusively adult games, it's what we love and what we know how to do. We were the most profitable adult game on Steam in 2022 and 2023 and the second-fastest growing adult game on Patreon in 2023. That's why we know the ups and downs of each platform and decided to build oppaiman.com with a 100% focus on adult games, because our market, fans and community deserve it.

2. Constantly evolving platform

We're developing new features and improving the experience for players and gamedevs almost every week. Soon we'll have more than 150 payment methods available for your games, so you'll reach audiences you never imagined, organically accelerating the game and your other projects.

3. An active and healthy community

We have an extremely active community that we've been cultivating over the last few years and which keeps growing. We care a lot about the quality of the products we offer to everyone and about maintaining a healthy and positive environment, always listening to feedback from players and Gamedevs.

4. Faster downloads

You no longer have to rely on uploads from strange sites and have to manage a thousand links. We offer high-quality hosting, free of charge and without limits.

5. Greater reach

Oppaiman.com and all our communications are translated into 14 of the world's most widely spoken languages, increasing the reach of games to new audiences in different countries

6. Quality over quantity

You'll be in an exclusive, curated environment with only selected games and Gamedevs. You'll have access to the visibility of a high standards community that loves great games with engaging stories and beautiful graphics.

Keep in mind, this is just one story, but many adult games are growing together with OppaiMan, so we invite you to be part of this project.

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How to sell your game on Oppaiman.com (Step-by-step)
Are you a Game Dev of adult games with more than 500 active Patrons? Then you can now publish your game on oppaiman.com and get more visibility. Step 1 First of all you need to create your user account on oppaiman.com We currently use the Patreon login system,