Stop losing money! Why regionalize your game prices?

Stop losing money! Why regionalize your game prices?

We know that setting the right price for your game is one of the most challenging things. Too cheap, too expensive? How do you know?

The world revolves around the Dollar and the Euro, we all know that, but did you know that you could be losing thousands of dollars every month simply by not regionalize the price of your game in each country?

The Dollar and the Euro are prevalent in stronger economies, but are far from the realities of players in less developed countries.

The logic is simple: for weaker currencies, it is always more expensive to buy in dollars and often prohibitive, creating an “invisible wall” that those outside the country often don't realize and don't understand the opportunity they are missing.

Imagine this scenario:
You launch a game worldwide for $10, which is a pretty average price, right?

Now picture this: a player in the United States and another in Brazil want to buy your game. Both of them have the same income in their local currencies $1.000 and R$ 1.000 (Brazilian Reais)

If the American decides to buy your game, he will spend 1% of his monthly income to buy it.
At the same time, the Brazilian will spend approximately 5% of his total monthly income to have the same game.

That's because of the exchange rate. Currently, the exchange rate for Dollars to Reais (Brazilian Currency) is 1x5. (You need 5 Reais to buy 1 US Dollar)

And the problem grown as the prices are bigger, if instead of $10 you charge $25, this will represent 2,5% of the total income for the America but will be 12,5% of the Brazilian income.

So if you've priced your game to be cheap in the US, it might be considered too expensive in other countries. This can even influence your reviews, because if you pay less for a game you expected less, but if you pay a lot you expect more.

That's why we implemented at a feature that automatically regionalizes your game for 48 countries in a click of a button. We do this in all of our games, and we highly recommend you do the same in every store your games are available.

And if you don't, you could be missing out on huge sales and visibility opportunities in major markets such as China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Russia, Thailand, Argentina, Brazil and many others.

What do you think about this?
Do you already regionalize your prices?