How to make a Post on Patreon

How to make a Post on Patreon

Your Patreon members are probably the most engaged in your content and game. After all, they believe in your project, and they pay to follow the development, news and updates of your game.

This is great to create a community, and they tend to follow you to other places with more content. So it is a great strategy to make regular posts on Patreon and send your followers to pages where you can deliver more exclusive content to them and are more profitable for you.

Step 1

Login to your Patreon account -

Step 2

You have to check if you are using your "Creator" or "Member" profile. You must use your "Creator" profile. You can easily change your profile in the left-down corner.

Step 3

Now, click on the button "📝Create" and select "Text"

Step 4

Copy and paste the title from your original post on your OppaiMan page on Patreon.

Step 5

Do the same process with the body of the text.

Step 6

Review your content in "Preview Content"

Step 7

Now that everything is set, you just have to click on Next and define who of your audience will be able to see this post.

On Patreon, you can only show explicit content to paid members, so

  • If your post does not have sexual content -> Select "Everyone"
  • If your post have sexual content -> Select "All paid members"

Step 8

Click on "Publish"

Any doubts? Leave it in the comments below and let us know if this strategy worked for you.