Our history

Our history

OppaiMan was officially born in 2020, when our founder, with over 12 years of experience in developing games, identified the opportunity to apply very high standards in graphics, storytelling and business to the adult games' industry.

We were born as a small Brazilian game studio and our first hit FreshWomen skyrocket to the top of the most sold adult games on Steam, selling more than one million copies. 

With the success of the title and engaging with the community, we end up realizing that many developers in the industry face the same challenges as we do. 

That's why we decided to innovate and create a platform where we can offer this passionate community, a one-stop shop for gamers and developers who want to play, learn, sell or just talk about +18 games. We are here to change the game, we are Oppai-man.


Top 1 revenue for premium adult games,

The most profitable adult game on Steam in 2022 and 2023.

1 million copies sold on Steam

The second-fastest growing adult game Patreon in 2023.

We're proud to be a Brazilian company, but we think and design our products and platform for players and developers from all over the world. That's why we offer more than 700 payment methods and have translated our games into more than 15 languages.

What do we stand for.     

The best talent deserves the best pay.

That's why we have a careful selection process and are among the 10% that pay the best salaries.

Quality over quantity 

We strive for excellence in everything we do, continuously improving processes, technologies and graphic quality.

Long-term goals over short-term ones 

Excellence and haste don't go together. So we chose the first one.

Sharing knowledge with the community.

We like to find hidden gems and expose them to players so that they can become a profitable business and develop our industry.

We listen to our community. 

We believe that development should be guided by the feedbacks of the community.

Visibility and fairness.

We believe that developers cannot be dependent on traditional marketplaces. We need secure environments with clear and fair business rules for everyone to thrive.